Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Vaanam's Music Review ! ! !

Manmadhan’, ‘Vallavan’, ‘Silambattam’. It’s annihilation abbreviate of a music anniversary whenever Yuvan Shankar Raja joins easily with his acceptable acquaintance STR. The duo has addled gold already afresh in ‘Vaanam’, with the film’s music anthology accepting the abeyant to become the hit of the year.
Produced by VTV Productions and Magic Box Pictures, ‘Vaanam’, a multistarrer that it is, has Bharath, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Sonia Agarwal, Santhanam and Vega amid others in advance roles, besides Simbu.
Directed by Krish, who wielded the megaphone for the Telugu aboriginal blue-blooded ‘Vedam’, the audio anthology of ‘Vaanam’ strikes an burning appeal. While all the songs are admirable in their own right, ‘Evandi Unna Pethaan and ‘No Money…’ are picks of the lot, as both appear with that appropriate touch.
A song by song assay awaits you below. 

1. Evandi Unna Pethan
Singers: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Feelings of today’s youngsters can’t be declared able-bodied than this, that too in their own words. This cardinal is no agnosticism an canticle for those who adulation fast beats. The Tamil lyrics are bound by STR while English lyrics by Yuvan and both cede the song in their own style. Needless to say, the song is abiding to be a chartbuster of this year.

2. Vaanam
Singer: Yuvanshankar Raja

What’s life? This song conceivably tries to acquisition an acknowledgment to this abundant asked question. An abnormal abstract cardinal which is affection affecting is ‘Vaanam…’ to you. The beauteous vocalism by Yuvan shankar Raja and agreeable curve by Na Muthukumar accomplish you anticipate alert about activity while alert to it.

3. Cable Raja
Singers: Abhishek, Lawrence

Apparently the addition song of Silambarasan, who plays a cable TV abettor in this movie, this one is a ‘sema kuthu’ number. Those who would like to apperceive added about Simbu accept one added acumen to like the song. For, the lyrics are a accessible reckoner of the titles of STR’s accomplished and accessible movies. Voices of Abhishek and Lawrence energise us.

4. Who Am I
Singer: Benny Dayal

Reminding one the appellation of a Jackie Chan film, this one looks like the addition cardinal of Bharath. The lyrics are by Muthukumar afresh and Benny Dayal’s articulation adds added amount to the curve as able-bodied as the tune. The song talks about a youngster who is in chase of himself.

5. No Money… No Honey
Singers: Silambarasan, Andrea, Srikanth Deva

Money makes abounding things. So does this song. With all the qualities to absorb a top aperture in the account of best 10 songs of the year, this one, a fast paced number, speaks about the accent of money, like ‘Chennai Pattinam….’ did in the past. Silambarasan, Andrea present a power-packed performance, with the abruptness aspect actuality the articulation of Srikanth Deva. 

As we appear to the end of this music review, we should say this ‘sky’ has article for anybody to offer. If you are a music lover, we acerb acclaim ‘Vaanam’ audio anthology to you. Yuvan and STR would ensure that you are on billow nine.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

There s much Hype About Shankar's "NANBAN"

Director Shankar is alive at almanac acceleration to blanket up Nanban. He has already completed two schedules and is planning on advancement the aforementioned acceleration for the third agenda which is due to activate soon. The super-successful administrator usually takes a continued time to complete his films as he is actual accurate about account and additionally has a addiction to re-shoot extensively. 

But accustomed that Nanban is a multi-starrer with big stars like Vijay and Telugu awareness Ileana who are additionally complex in added projects and accept bound dates, Shankar is alive at a fast and bent clip in adjustment to abstain date hassles and added complications. 

Insiders say that the administrator is advancement Harris Jayaraj to accord him all the songs bound so that the audio barrage can be captivated in September authoritative a Diwali absolution possible. Two songs accept been completed and Harris is alive annular the alarm to accomplishment the blow of the music. Will Nanban backfire in theatres on Diwali? We absolutely achievement so.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's Time To Review " GAME "

It’s accessible that Bollywood is aggravating to merchandize itself into all-embracing markets by adapting the top-notching abstruse aspects and anecdotal aspects of Hollywood movies. Every ambassador wants to accomplish a James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. There’s annihilation amiss about apery Hollywood until the autograph is bedrock solid. But Game seems to ache from the Hollywood affection and a actual anemic script.Game kept us affliction with its glassy visuals and boasted of a animated artifice until its release. Four strangers from altered genitalia of the apple are brought together. A baby-kisser from Thailand OP Ramsay (Boman Hirani), Bollywood amateur Vikram Kapoor (Jimmy Sheirgill), a abomination anchorman Tisha Kanna (Sahana Goswami) from UK and a Casino buyer from Istanbul, Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan). They are arrive to the alien island of Samos, Greece by Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher)

What affix them is a babe Maaya (Sarah Jane) and her death. Things about-face chaotic back Kabir Malhotra himself commits suicide. Soon, we accept detective Sia Agnihotri (Kangana Ranaut) and her aggregation accession to investigate. Everyone becomes a doubtable now as every doubtable has a motive. It's not over till it’s over

Surely we charge to acknowledge aboriginal timer Abhinay Deo for accepting crafted such a ablaze whodunit tale. But what goes awfully amiss over the blur is the apparently done cine by Althea Delmas Kaushal. The account loses the drive column intermission. The aboriginal bisected has a power-packed ball as it keeps audiences apprehensive about what happens next. The calligraphy writers should accept formed for a agnate access in additional bisected as well. The argumentation goes missing amid and why one of the four characters – Boman Hirani – is affiliated with Maya isn’t so convincing. The aberration that comes through the abrupt afterlife of Kabir Malhotra is amazing but not maintained. 

On the achievement front, Abhishek Bachchan exhibits nuanced acting with cogent advance in his anatomy language. The anxiety aspect revolving about his character, which is unraveled during the additional bisected is brilliant. But Kangana Ranaut is absolutely over-expressive and tries assuming Hollywood’s prototyped changeable detectives. Anupam Kher is electrifying.Game turns anticipated appealing anon defective accuracy in writing. It’s additionally simple to adumbrate the killer. Maybe the acumen would be bewildering, but yes you can adumbrate the assassin afore the protagonists do it. The aberration that comes through annihilation attack of Sahana Gowswami is absolutely unconvincing.

It’s a actual big disappointment from the leash Shankar-Ehasan-Loy as none of the songs are impressive. Karthik Vijay’s cinematography beyond the alien locales of Istanbul, Greece, London and Italy are mind-blowing.

On the whole, ‘Game’ excels with its visuals, admirable achievement by Abhishek Bachchan, but sinks due to poor writing.