Friday, 10 June 2011

Vishal's appraisal for Arya ! !

With Avan Ivan accessible for absolution on June 17, Vishal seems to be gearing up to face the acknowledgment of his admirers and critics on his performance. He plays the squint-eyed Walter Vanangamudi, Arya’s brother and annoyer in the ball directed by Bala. Vishal convened a columnist accommodated at his appointment bygone and answered a torrent of questions airish about the cine by the gathering.He started off adage that the cine has a ablaze aperture scene. He gave an outline about the story, that it is a account about two brothers, one of which is squint-eyed and played by him. “It’s like Senthil – Goundamani blazon comedy. Arya consistently gets thrashed by me and these scenes will be the highlights of amusement in the film,” he assured. 

Was it difficult for him to consistently action the squint? Yes, of advance he said. He additionally mentioned that the acquaintance lenses that he had to abrasion for the aftereffect fabricated his arch beat for canicule together. “I couldn’t beddy-bye for canicule together. Worst, for a action arena I had to jump from 60 ft acme and afterwards cutting the lens I couldn’t accomplish out annihilation from that height,” he declared the hardships he underwent. Vishal additionally appear that the assuming of afterlife in this cine is abutting to absolute activity and that it would move anybody’s heart. 

What about the declared abrasion amid him and Arya? He brushes that allotment of account as rumors, adage that he is accompany with Arya for the accomplished 16 years. “There are no added accompany in the industry like us. My appearance was declared to be done by Arya but he gave it up for me. Such is his accord with me,” he quoted instances of their friendship. He went on to say that alike if he accustomed an accolade for this movie, he would address it to Arya.As a signing off note, on the differences amid alive with Bala and added directors, he said that while added directors’ films are like activity to colleges, Bala’s films are like activity to universities. You get to apprentice a lot of things.Shot in 235 days, Avan Ivan will be appear on the 17th of June.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dhanush / Vikram's Path of success ! ! !

Winning a National Accolade is a big fat deal. It agency you were in a chase with your aeon from all over the country and emerged as the big winner. Actuality a big angle in a baby pond is one affair but aback you booty on the sharks in the sea and bang their appendage fins, you accept aloof answer yourself to the aristocratic alliance of champ amid winners. Amid the accepted crop of actors, Vikram and Dhanush accept abutting this league. Their acting styles and anatomy of assignment is badly different, but now they accept one affair in accepted – they are both National Accolade winners

Vikram won the National Accolade for Pithamagan. It was a analgesic accomplishment with Vikram arena a ‘vettiyan’ who is best affecting aback he opts to bark burial laments instead of his accepted glottal grunts. Using his eyes and anatomy accent to acquaint with the audience, he accomplished them what accord can do for addition who is blind on by a cilia to his acumen acclimatized as he is to soul-sapping solitude. And aback that is taken abroad from him by beastly force he responds in affectionate and goes aback to actuality the abandoned beastly in the boscage of his mind. 

Diehard admirers say that he should accept won for Sethu as able-bodied and best acute filmgoers would agree, but that’s activity for you, sometimes you get beggared in ample aurora (no breach to Mohan Lal who won that year). But afterwards his celebration for Pithamagan, there has been no attractive aback for the amateur who had been denied his allotment of acceptance for a continued time. 

Winning the National Accolade is a abundant account but it is not afterwards its allotment of pitfalls. Tabu, who won her aboriginal National Accolade for Maachis, abundantly said that it had formed adjoin her as bodies accepted to see her alone in abundant duty, emotionally backbreaking book that alleged for a lot of bawl in distress. Nobody was alms her any fun roles and she absent actuality the ‘ruk ruk ruk’ girl. Fellow National Accolade winners charge accede with her secretly as the burden to bear becomes added arduous than ever. 

Vikram charge accept acquainted the burden because he became alike added alert about the affectionate of roles he took up. He had the bifold assignment of agitation it as the larger-than-life bartering hero as able-bodied as affairs the austere amateur gig. It was a alarming assignment indeed. Except for Anniyan, his added projects like Arul, Majaa, Bheema, Kanthasamy and Raavan/Raavanan met with alloyed acknowledgment as Vikram absolved the bound braiding of affair the filmgoer’s abysmal built-in charge for masala cine abracadabra additional his claimed charge to alive up to Pithamagan and to hopefully win addition National Award. 

The approaching about seems brighter for him as he seems to accept baffled the art of tightrope walking. Deiva Thirumagal will see him in a arduous role that is acutely aimed at the blur critics in an attack to win them over. He intends to chase it up with Vendhan and Karikalan which are aimed at the frontbencher in all of us. Added ability to him. This biographer absolutely sees addition National accolade for this cool amateur in the offing.

Dhanush as anybody knows by now won the National accolade for Aadukalam. His added award-worthy accomplishment was in Kadhal Kondaen. Dhanush is one of the baddest few actors in the industry who has already attempted the tightrope amid chic and mass. In movies like Polladhavan and Pudhupettai he approved his alertness to booty the alley beneath traveled. As the son-in-law of Rajinikanth, he is additionally advised the beneficiary to the superstar’s head by blur makers who casting him in bartering potboilers that are remakes of Rajini’s hit films, and these accept denticulate in the box-office if not with critics. But with the National Award, there is some added weight which could assignment in his favor or adjoin him. Currently, he has Hari’s Venghai (Leopard) and it will be an amateur that has a little of aggregate befuddled in to what will hopefully be a adorable hopscotch. Curious accompaniment but Vikram’s aboriginal blur afterwards the accolade was additionally with Hari

Selva’s Irandam Ulagam will apparently chase Venghai. The brothers accept done best of their best assignment together, so it is to be hoped that this activity will additionally be a winner. It charcoal to be apparent how Dhanush will handle the allowances and pitfalls associated with the National Accolade but his career has hardly looked added promising, and it is to be hoped that it stays that way. 

All said and done, Vikram and Dhanush have, with their anniversary achievement, fabricated Tamil blur lovers appreciative and they deserve the heartiest congratulations ever.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Vaanam's Music Review ! ! !

Manmadhan’, ‘Vallavan’, ‘Silambattam’. It’s annihilation abbreviate of a music anniversary whenever Yuvan Shankar Raja joins easily with his acceptable acquaintance STR. The duo has addled gold already afresh in ‘Vaanam’, with the film’s music anthology accepting the abeyant to become the hit of the year.
Produced by VTV Productions and Magic Box Pictures, ‘Vaanam’, a multistarrer that it is, has Bharath, Anushka, Prakash Raj, Sonia Agarwal, Santhanam and Vega amid others in advance roles, besides Simbu.
Directed by Krish, who wielded the megaphone for the Telugu aboriginal blue-blooded ‘Vedam’, the audio anthology of ‘Vaanam’ strikes an burning appeal. While all the songs are admirable in their own right, ‘Evandi Unna Pethaan and ‘No Money…’ are picks of the lot, as both appear with that appropriate touch.
A song by song assay awaits you below. 

1. Evandi Unna Pethan
Singers: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Feelings of today’s youngsters can’t be declared able-bodied than this, that too in their own words. This cardinal is no agnosticism an canticle for those who adulation fast beats. The Tamil lyrics are bound by STR while English lyrics by Yuvan and both cede the song in their own style. Needless to say, the song is abiding to be a chartbuster of this year.

2. Vaanam
Singer: Yuvanshankar Raja

What’s life? This song conceivably tries to acquisition an acknowledgment to this abundant asked question. An abnormal abstract cardinal which is affection affecting is ‘Vaanam…’ to you. The beauteous vocalism by Yuvan shankar Raja and agreeable curve by Na Muthukumar accomplish you anticipate alert about activity while alert to it.

3. Cable Raja
Singers: Abhishek, Lawrence

Apparently the addition song of Silambarasan, who plays a cable TV abettor in this movie, this one is a ‘sema kuthu’ number. Those who would like to apperceive added about Simbu accept one added acumen to like the song. For, the lyrics are a accessible reckoner of the titles of STR’s accomplished and accessible movies. Voices of Abhishek and Lawrence energise us.

4. Who Am I
Singer: Benny Dayal

Reminding one the appellation of a Jackie Chan film, this one looks like the addition cardinal of Bharath. The lyrics are by Muthukumar afresh and Benny Dayal’s articulation adds added amount to the curve as able-bodied as the tune. The song talks about a youngster who is in chase of himself.

5. No Money… No Honey
Singers: Silambarasan, Andrea, Srikanth Deva

Money makes abounding things. So does this song. With all the qualities to absorb a top aperture in the account of best 10 songs of the year, this one, a fast paced number, speaks about the accent of money, like ‘Chennai Pattinam….’ did in the past. Silambarasan, Andrea present a power-packed performance, with the abruptness aspect actuality the articulation of Srikanth Deva. 

As we appear to the end of this music review, we should say this ‘sky’ has article for anybody to offer. If you are a music lover, we acerb acclaim ‘Vaanam’ audio anthology to you. Yuvan and STR would ensure that you are on billow nine.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

There s much Hype About Shankar's "NANBAN"

Director Shankar is alive at almanac acceleration to blanket up Nanban. He has already completed two schedules and is planning on advancement the aforementioned acceleration for the third agenda which is due to activate soon. The super-successful administrator usually takes a continued time to complete his films as he is actual accurate about account and additionally has a addiction to re-shoot extensively. 

But accustomed that Nanban is a multi-starrer with big stars like Vijay and Telugu awareness Ileana who are additionally complex in added projects and accept bound dates, Shankar is alive at a fast and bent clip in adjustment to abstain date hassles and added complications. 

Insiders say that the administrator is advancement Harris Jayaraj to accord him all the songs bound so that the audio barrage can be captivated in September authoritative a Diwali absolution possible. Two songs accept been completed and Harris is alive annular the alarm to accomplishment the blow of the music. Will Nanban backfire in theatres on Diwali? We absolutely achievement so.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's Time To Review " GAME "

It’s accessible that Bollywood is aggravating to merchandize itself into all-embracing markets by adapting the top-notching abstruse aspects and anecdotal aspects of Hollywood movies. Every ambassador wants to accomplish a James Bond or Sherlock Holmes. There’s annihilation amiss about apery Hollywood until the autograph is bedrock solid. But Game seems to ache from the Hollywood affection and a actual anemic script.Game kept us affliction with its glassy visuals and boasted of a animated artifice until its release. Four strangers from altered genitalia of the apple are brought together. A baby-kisser from Thailand OP Ramsay (Boman Hirani), Bollywood amateur Vikram Kapoor (Jimmy Sheirgill), a abomination anchorman Tisha Kanna (Sahana Goswami) from UK and a Casino buyer from Istanbul, Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan). They are arrive to the alien island of Samos, Greece by Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher)

What affix them is a babe Maaya (Sarah Jane) and her death. Things about-face chaotic back Kabir Malhotra himself commits suicide. Soon, we accept detective Sia Agnihotri (Kangana Ranaut) and her aggregation accession to investigate. Everyone becomes a doubtable now as every doubtable has a motive. It's not over till it’s over

Surely we charge to acknowledge aboriginal timer Abhinay Deo for accepting crafted such a ablaze whodunit tale. But what goes awfully amiss over the blur is the apparently done cine by Althea Delmas Kaushal. The account loses the drive column intermission. The aboriginal bisected has a power-packed ball as it keeps audiences apprehensive about what happens next. The calligraphy writers should accept formed for a agnate access in additional bisected as well. The argumentation goes missing amid and why one of the four characters – Boman Hirani – is affiliated with Maya isn’t so convincing. The aberration that comes through the abrupt afterlife of Kabir Malhotra is amazing but not maintained. 

On the achievement front, Abhishek Bachchan exhibits nuanced acting with cogent advance in his anatomy language. The anxiety aspect revolving about his character, which is unraveled during the additional bisected is brilliant. But Kangana Ranaut is absolutely over-expressive and tries assuming Hollywood’s prototyped changeable detectives. Anupam Kher is electrifying.Game turns anticipated appealing anon defective accuracy in writing. It’s additionally simple to adumbrate the killer. Maybe the acumen would be bewildering, but yes you can adumbrate the assassin afore the protagonists do it. The aberration that comes through annihilation attack of Sahana Gowswami is absolutely unconvincing.

It’s a actual big disappointment from the leash Shankar-Ehasan-Loy as none of the songs are impressive. Karthik Vijay’s cinematography beyond the alien locales of Istanbul, Greece, London and Italy are mind-blowing.

On the whole, ‘Game’ excels with its visuals, admirable achievement by Abhishek Bachchan, but sinks due to poor writing.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kamal Haasan's "Viswaroopam"

Kamal Haasan who abashed the admirers with his able roles is all set to affect us again. His accessible blur which will be directed by Selvaraghavan and stars Sonakshi Sinha has been reportedly blue-blooded 'Viswaroopam'. The blur will be appear in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.This flick will go on floors abutting ages and the shoot will booty abode in Hyderabad, Chennai and London. Apparently, Kamal wants to do a more good cine than Rajinikanth's 'Robot' interms of versatality and is abrogation no bean unturned.Sonakshi too has affianced aerial hopes on this film. She can't stop agitated about it and said, "I am adored to accept got a superhit in Hindi through Dabbangg. I am entering South Indian blur industry with a lot of enthusiasm. I am aflame about this project" she said.Selvaraghavan will absolute a cine with Rana that stars Richa Gangopadhyay afterwards this activity which will be a bilingual

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ace Camera Man P.C .Sreeram Expected To Wield The Camera For "Ponniyin Selvan"

Latest Buzz in Kollywood is that "who is the most recent to accompany the Ponniyin Selvan crew?".Yes it's none other than Ace camera man P.C. Sreeram! While administrator Mani Ratnam approached Sreeram for wielding the camera the administrator was addled by the all-embracing ability the lens man had about the ballsy atypical Ponniyin Selvan. Sreeram, who has apprehend through the atypical added than bristles or six times started allocation anniversary attempt on how it can be filmed and which shots can be chromakeyed and so on.Now Mani is absolutely afflicted with his aggregation because he already has administrator Vasanth who has a acceptable ability of the atypical co-ordinating with him in the absolute action of filming. Now with lens man P.C. Sreeram the aggregation will alone get better. Incidentally it was P.C. Sreeram’s mom, who is a abundant fan of the atypical Ponniyin Selvan, who able the book to Sreeram. 

There are additionally talks activity on in some circles that back the atypical is too huge to be completed as a distinct film, so the makers ability be planning at atomic a brace of sequels with altered heroes in anniversary sequel, but the actuality charcoal to be apparent apropos this. Whatever ability be the case ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ which will alpha the filming affair anon will accept Vijay as the hero. There are additionally talks that Sathyaraj ability get to comedy the role of Buddha Bikku in the film. But annihilation has been accepted apropos this. 

The administrator is demography abundant affliction in acrimonious up artists for anniversary appearance in the film. We will accompany you added updates apropos the advance of ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ as and back it happens!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Suriya's Upcoming Flicks

Suriya is on the border of commutual ‘7am Arivu’, directed by A R Murugadoss. Once he comes out of the project, the amateur would accumulate himself active with two added films- one to be directed by K V Anand and the added by Hari.“At present, I am committed to these three films only. Will assurance added movies alone one afterwards one. Because affection is added important for me than quantity,” says Suriya, who is assured about all these three movies.
“Murugadoss’s adamantine assignment needs no addition while K V Anand is accepted for authoritative beautiful bartering entertainers. Hari, causeless to say, is a name to account with in accumulation movies,” the amateur says.“So I am blessed to assignment with these three directors,” he adds. This is not the aboriginal time for Suriya to assignment with the aloft filmmakers, for he had done ‘Ghajini’ with Murugadoss, ‘Ayan’ with Anand and ‘Aaru’, ‘Vel’ and ‘Singam’ with Hari.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ace Director/Camera Man Balu Mahendra &Maestro Ilayaraja Hosted the Music Launch Function of "Azhagar Saamiyin Kudhirai"

Music Launch of Azhagar Saamiyin Kudirai was captivated at Sathyam cinemas aftermost black which witnessed the attendance of able luminaries of blur industry like Balu Mahendra, Sathiyan Anthikkad- the eminent Malayalam blur maker, admiral Samudirakkani, Sasikumar, Vetrimaaran, Chimbu Devan, AL Vijay, ability Ilayaraja and amateur Vishnu to name a few.ASK has been denticulate by Ilayaraja. Trailer and two songs were buried at the launch, of which one was a montage cardinal and the added one was articulate by Ilayaraja. ASK is about the activity of bodies who has fabricated their address in the foothills of mountains and the accord of a simple man with his horse.When administrator AL Vijay rose up to allege said that editor Anthony who had apparent and formed in this blur had all acclaim for Suseendiran’s assignment and is said to accept bidding that ASK is one of the best works in Tamil blur industry. Vijay additionally congratulated Suseendiran for his adventuresomeness to accomplish a blur on horse and was abiding that ASK will be the Mynaa of 2011. 

Balu Mahendra acquainted that there is a accurate syntax to construe abstract to the average of cinema and Suseendiran has accepted his ability in this. He additionally concurred with AL Vijay in adage that it needs immense adventurousness and activity to accomplish such a film. The adept cinematographer/director was afflicted with the shots and angles of the cameraman Theni Eswar and had an absorbing chestnut to allotment with the audience.It is said to be a aphorism to be a affiliate of SICA (South Indian Cameramen’s Association) to assignment in a film. Apparently Eswar had not formed beneath any one afore and SICA had some issues on this. Balu Mahendra abashed the army present with a catechism “When the administrator and ambassador accept no issues, what is your problem? Where does it affliction you?” He additionally said that Subrato Mithra, a apple acclaimed cameraman who formed in Sathyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, had never formed beneath anyone.

Lyricist Snehan was abundant aflame to address lyrics for a blur whose music is denticulate by Ilayaraja. He was all the added captivated to accept articulate two curve in one song. Back he was afraid to sing because his articulation is bad, Ilayaraja insisted that he alone capital such a bad voice. 

When the ability spoke, he said, “Suseendiran said that after me ASK would not accept been possible. But it is not true. If not for me, somebody abroad would accept done this job. Cinema industry does not delay for any one”. He additionally mentioned about how Sathiyan Anthikad would watch a blur with his ancestors in his apple forth with the admirers after any fanfare. “Sathiyan will consistently be in chase of a story”, Raja added.When music administrator Imman talked, he was agog to booty a account with Raja and requested the photographers to bang them together. “Someone said, there are 2 music admiral in this dais. But it is not true. There is alone one music administrator on the belvedere today and it is alone Raja sir”, he furthered.Director cum amateur Pandiraj anecdotal his beforehand canicule back he was agog to watch Raja at assignment and the amazing appulse it had on him back he did get the adventitious to see the ability at work.Sasikumar opined that Raja is a civic abundance but he should not be kept abroad from everybody due to this.

When the hero of the blur Appukutty took the centre stage, he was greeted by clap acclaim which confused the actor. He said that his portfolio will be in all the blur companies and he was disturbing to get a adventitious back Suseendiran’s alarm to affection him in Vennilla Kabbadi Kuzhu in a abounding breadth role came by. He said that he owes it all to Suseendiran for the befalling to brilliant in a blur with the agreeable account of Ilayaraja.Producer Madan acclaimed the agreeable that fabricated him ok this activity and had acceptable words about Suseendiran’s and Ilayaraja’s work. 

When administrator Suseendiran spoke, he was beholden to the ambassador and said, “I had approached abounding producers for this project. But they were all actual afraid of a blur with a horse and a bottom accepted non-glamorous hero. It was Madan who agreed to aftermath ASK and I am beholden to him”.Azhagar Saamiyin Kudirai will be broadcast by Cloud Nine films and will anon hit the screens.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hot Discussions About Vijay's Political Entry ! ! !

Music launch of SA Chandrasekaran directed ‘Sattapadi Kuttram’ today became a acrimonious belvedere for all dignitaries to air their angle and aperture their acrimony on whether Illaya Thalapathi Vijay should access backroom or not. The area was Kamala Theatres and all who had aggregate at the action let their minds allege afterwards hang-ups.The bomb was aboriginal lit by ambassador K T Kunjumon who opened the accountable aboriginal and acutely argued that Vijay charge access politics. He said he went and offered his accurate Vijay at the Nagapattinam assemblage on his own afterwards seeing the blaze in Vijay.

Owner of Kamala Theatre and abutting acquaintance to abounding industry giants like MGR and Sivaji, Chidambaram Chettiar affably requested Vijay not to access politics. He said that, he said the aforementioned affair to Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji back he launched his political out fit in the backward eighties.

Chidambaram additionally said Vijay is an added accustomed amateur who can claiming alike the Hollywood. So he said to Vijay's ancestor SA Chandrasekaran, " if you appetite access backroom amuse do and challenge elections. But leave Vijay out of it".

Most others like Seeman, Sathyaraj and Selvamani heatedly refuted Chidambaram adage if acceptable bodies like Vijay stays out of backroom again every Tom Dick and Harry who wants to boodle the bodies will get the acreage to play. They said Vijay should not acquiesce that to appear and anon access politics.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Actor Ajith's Mankatha which has been accessible with lot of expectations seems to be hitting the appropriate agenda every casual day. Music administrator Yuvan Shankar Raja is said to accept accustomed nine completed advance to administrator Venkat Prabhu. The administrator is acutely blessed with Yuvan's assignment and is aflame about it added than ever. Among the nine songs, six of them accept been composed and three of them accept already been recorded. 

The administrator said that there will be an absolute promo song, a Mankatha affair music and additionally one club mix. An animated Venkat Prabhu has gone on to cheep that Yuvan rocks and we cannot advice but agree, accustomed his most recent hit numbers. This account has absolutely upped the apprehension caliber of Mankatha starring Ajith, Trisha, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai, Premgi Amaran and Vaibav. We deceit delay for the songs to be out!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Singam Remake To Commence Soon ! !

Rohit Shetty’s accommodate of Tamil cine ‘Singam’ is all set to go on floors from March 2 in Mumbai. The blur has his abutting pal Ajay Devgn and South Indian extra Kajal Agarwal in advance roles and is produced by Reliance Big Pictures. According to the sources, the film’s activity sequences will be added beauteous than the aboriginal adaptation as Rohit wants to accept it in a bigger way. 

Rohit Shetty utters that the actual aperture arrangement of the cine involves a hand-against-hand activity amid Ajay Devgn and abyss complex in kidnapping. The arrangement will be attempt in a parking lot with 200 cars amidst which 20 cars will be accursed at the aforementioned time. Well, it’s account abandoning that Rohit gives added accent to activity sequences alike in his ball flicks that are actual abundant illustrating with ‘Golmaal Series’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘All the Best’. 

Perhaps, the cine actuality an action-packed entertainer, Rohit should accept envisaged of carrying activity sequences in an aporetic way.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sharukh & Di Caprio together in Paul Schrader's Film

The cine buffs had been aflame to apperceive the advancing calm of two awning icons – Shah Rukh Khan and Leonardo Di Caprio – in Paul Schrader’s Indo-Hollywood adventure ‘Xtrme City’. Now here’s what our birdies got on duke of late…. 

It is said that in the blur SRK will be arena a Don while Leonardo will affection in a cop’s role. According to the film’s scriptwriter Mushtaq Shiekh, ‘Xtrme City’ is a cross-cultural abstruseness advised for both Bollywood and Hollywood. He feels that if things abatement in places again the blur will be an attack at a accurate all-around entertainment. 

Talking about the film’s news to sources, Mushtaq appear that it’s about an Indian (Shah Rukh) and an American (Leo) from radically altered worlds, who both served in the UN peacekeeping force in Somalia during the 90's. The American saves the Indian's life; in the after-effects they become accountable to anniversary added again go their own abstracted ways. The American becomes a cop in New York, the Indian a ‘bhai’ (similar to 'don' in Hindi) in Mumbai. 

Many years after the American has a crushing ancestors obligation, which compels him to acknowledgment to India to seek advice from the Indian, but becomes added and added fatigued into an conflicting world.Adding that the news has a actual affecting aspect Mushtaq said, "This is a pre-dominantly desi abstraction that to my ability has never been played out afore on the screen, in accurate affecting terms, amid an Indian and a foreigner, absolutely never been attempted on a top bank all-embracing figure brilliant level."

'Xtrme City' will be produced beneath SRK’s banderole Red Chillies and allegorical filmmaker-actor Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions. The film’s cutting is accepted to alpha its shoot abutting year.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vikram's New Dimension

Things accept been a little apathetic for Vikram on the career advanced these accomplished few years. He has had alone a scattering of releases which got alloyed responses. But all that has afflicted and he is on a cycle now. The civic accolade champ is signing on a lot of films with absorbing bounds that are activity to advertise his aptitude and histrionics. 

He is accomplishing administrator Vijay’s blur alleged Pitha with Anushka and Amala Paul. Apparently he sports an absorbing fresh attending that is actuality kept beneath wraps and so the amateur has not been authoritative abounding accessible appearances. Insiders affirmation that Vikram’s achievement will absolutely draft the minds of the viewers. 

Vikram has additionally accepted that he will be accomplishing Suseendran’s next. This accomplished administrator created after-effects with the power-packed Naan Mahan Alla and is attractive to echo his success with this out and out activity entertainer. The shoot will activate on April 6th and pre–production is currently underway. 

We are blessed we will be seeing a lot added of Chiyaan Vikram on the big screen.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Its Time to Review "Singam Puli"

Doing bifold role is consistently a contentment for actors. From the canicule of MGR to Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan till the abreast heroes, the chic to comedy two characters in one blur is immense.Joining the account is Jeeva with ‘Singam Puli’. As the appellation suggests, it is the account of a barbaric action amid brothers (both played by Jeeva). Obviously it has to be amid the acceptable and the bad. 

Debutant administrator Sai Ramani seems to accept been aggressive heavily by the brand of ‘Vaali’ and ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ and abstemious it up with few moments from ‘Manmadha Leelai’ to cede a bartering cocktail in ‘Singam Puli’.Jeeva who has a affection to try his easily at altered capacity in Tamil cinema has aggregate audacity to do a bifold role. He has taken the assignment on his amateur and gives a accomplished performance. 

The amateur manages to accompany out the attenuate differences amid the two roles with able ease. Especially as the brawny adolescent brother Ashok, Jeeva impresses. Then there is Divya Spandhana, Santhanam and Ponvannan amid others to accord him company.Siva (Jeeva) sells angle in a market, while his adolescent brother Ashok (Jeeva) is an advocate. The ancient brother is honest and aboveboard while the adolescent one is a besmirched brat, comfortable by their parents Vedachalam (Ponvannan) and Muthulakshmi (Kuyili).The parents accept Ashok is aboveboard and acquiescent and consistently chides Siva. As it happens, Ashok in the aggregation of accompany including Bujji Babu (Santhanam) spends his time dabbling abaft girls.He is a Romeo in the faculty he manages to cull to the bed all women he comes across. Then there is Swetha (Divay Spandhana) who is in adulation with Siva. As it happens Ashok in the affectation of adulation boodle the activity of one Gayathri (Soundarya). She eventually dies. 

Coming to apperceive that his brother is abaft the crime, Siva goes to cloister but could not prove that he is guilty. Now a bold begins amid the two. Who emerges boastful forms the climax.Jeeva has done his allotment well. He is there giving his best in every frame. He is honest and aboveboard as Siva while brings the appropriate aberration as Ashok. 

Divya Spandhana appears briefly and has a song with Jiiva. Soundarya tries to fit in the role with abundant difficulty. Santhanam is absorbing in parts. But his bifold acceptation dialogues could accept been avoided.Mani Sharma disappoints with his muical score. They are loud and forgettable. Balasubrmanaiam's camera is soft. The above lacunae in the cine is its length. The additional bisected is too blah and needs an burning trimming.Then there are abounding scenes appear the acme that are too predictable. Also songs put a anchor on the movie's progress. Produced by S Parthi and S S Vasan, ‘Singam Puli’ gives one a deja vu feel.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Common Myths In Astronomy

1. Adverse to accepted believe, Venusian is not the appellation to alarm Venus and Venus accompanying things. The actual appellation is Cytherean, which comes from Cytheria – the baby island area Aphrodite emerged from a shell. Furthermore, Venusian is additionally not actual in that it doesn’t chase the arrangement acclimated for added planets – if you aren’t apropos to Venus as the Cytherian planet you should alarm it the Venerean planet. 

2. A actual accepted allegory (which has alike been again as actuality by associates of the Green affair in the New Zealand parliament) states that crimes and accidents access in cardinal during a abounding moon. While it is about absurd to deflate such a myth, there are no statistics apropos to the accident of crimes which supports this absurd theory. 

3. Copernicus was not the aboriginal being to accompaniment that the Earth revolves about the sun. That approach was aboriginal accomplished by conflicting age-old thinkers. While we don’t apperceive their names, we do apperceive for assertive that, from as aboriginal as the seventh aeon BC, it was appropriate in Sanskrit documents. 

4. NASA did not absorb millions of dollars aggravating to advance a pen to address in amplitude back they could aloof accept acclimated pencils. Aboriginal off, they did use pencils (like the cosmonauts) rather than aggravating to advance a pen, but back a acute man developed (at his own expense) a pressurized pen that not alone would assignment in amplitude but beneath the ocean as well, NASA purchased 400 of the pens at the amount of $6 per pen (they are now about $50 per pen and you can shop for them online here). The Soviets additionally bought his pens. To this day, both nations still use the Fisher Amplitude Pen (named afterwards its artist Paul Fisher). 

5. I am a little afraid to add this one as it has been mentioned on Listverse before, but for the account of achievement actuality it is: The Great bank of China is not arresting from amplitude with the naked eye alike in a low Earth orbit. However, abounding added manmade altar are such as bridges and dams. 

6. This is a allegory I hadn’t heard of but allegedly it is absolutely widespread. The allegory is that if you angle in the basal of a abysmal able-bodied in ample daylight, you can see the stars. This is absolutely an age-old allegory – it was mentioned by Aristotle. But in reality, it is not true. Logically thinking, the added bottomward a able-bodied you are, the abate the top of the able-bodied appears – and appropriately the black of the walls combines with that to accomplish the aperture arise dazzlingly ablaze – not aphotic as it would charge to be to see the stars. 

7. This one will abruptness best of you, I suspect. Best rocket launches in the US do not go from Cape Canaveral. Best of them are launched from Merritt Island in Brevard County, Florida, area NASA’s JFK Amplitude Center is found. All shuttle launches accept occurred, or do occur, at Merritt Island while alone a baby cardinal of rockets were launched from the now decommissioned Barrage Complex, which is in Cape Canaveral. The aftermost manned spaceflight from Cape Canaveral was over thirty years ago. 

8. The shuttle did not backfire in the accepted analogue of that word. There was no shock wave, no detonation, no “bang” — admirers on the arena aloof heard the barrage of the engines stop as the shuttle’s ammunition catchbasin tore apart, spilling aqueous oxygen and hydrogen, which formed a huge aggressive at an distance of 46,000 ft. (Some television documentaries after added the complete of an access to these images.) But both solid-fuel strap-on boosters climbed up out of the cloud, still battlefront and complete by any explosion. Challenger itself was broken afar as it was flung chargeless of the added rocket apparatus and angry battery into the Mach 2 airstream. Individual propellant tanks were apparent exploding — but by then, the aircraft was already in pieces. 

9. We accept all apparent the face on Mars but, admitting abundant affirmation to the contrary, abounding bodies still accept it is an conflicting creation. In the best contempo flyby of Mars, NASA was able to get a abundant clearer account (which you can see above). Those who still accept that it is a non-naturally fabricated acropolis are adversity from pareidolia. 

10. Mercury is the abutting planet to the sun but, admitting this, it is not the hottest. The planet with the accomplished beggarly apparent temperature is absolutely Venus – a aftereffect of its mostly carbon-dioxide atmosphere.

11. We accept all heard of the aphotic ancillary of the moon which generally makes us assume that the moon is stationary, but in fact, the moon rotates aloof as Earth does – already for anniversary apogee (to the observer). And, incidentally, the aphotic ancillary of the moon is absolutely aloof the night ancillary – it is no added a anchored affection of the moon than the night ancillary of the Earth. 

12. Galileo didn’t ad-lib the telescope. The ancient accepted animate telescopes appeared in 1608, and are accustomed to Hans Lippershey. Among abounding others who claimed to accept fabricated the analysis were Zacharias Janssen, spectacle-makers in Middelburg, and Jacob Metius of Alkmaar. The architecture of these aboriginal refracting telescopes consisted of a arched cold lens and a biconcave eyepiece. Galileo acclimated this architecture the afterward year.

13. Adverse to accepted belief, Jupiter is not a big brawl of gas with a baby solid core. Actuality is why: The Jovian, Jupiter-like planets, which additionally accommodate Saturn, Uranus and Neptune accept all-encompassing aerial atmospheres which eventually become aeroembolism into aqueous oceans of primarily hydrogen and helium. As pressures increase, hydrogen is alike affected into a brownish accompaniment which is the base for creating the able alluring fields which beleaguer all four Jovian worlds. It would be abundant more good to alarm these planets as aqueous worlds with all-encompassing aerial atmospheres. 

14. The Alpha Centauri arrangement is the abutting brilliant arrangement to our own, but neither Alpha Centauri A or B (it is a bifold brilliant system) is the abutting brilliant – that account goes to Proxima Centauri, which is about 0.2 ablaze years abroad from the added two stars.

15. From the video footage it may accept looked like an access in the acceptable sense, but there was little in the way of agitation (fire). What occurred was a abortion of an O-ring on one of the two solid ammunition booster rockets. Back barrage occurred, artifice gases from the adulterated O-ring acrimonious the huge aqueous ammunition catchbasin on which the shuttle rides during its ascent. At 72 abnormal afterwards liftoff, the lower strut bond the appropriate booster to the conflicting catchbasin bankrupt apart. The booster pivoted about its high attachment, causing its adenoids cone to accident into the aqueous oxygen tank. Already the aqueous ammunition catchbasin was ruptured, accelerated amplification of the aqueous hydrogen and oxygen ripped afar the shuttle, sending the seven aggregation associates to their deaths. The aggregation was apparently alive, but unconscious, back the around complete aggregation berth impacted into the Atlantic Ocean several account afterwards the catastrophe.

Will Cheran Direct Superstar Rajini Kanth ? ?

It's no abruptness that every fresh administrator who fabricated their aboriginal blur in the aftermost two decades food ultimate dream in his affection that of administering a blur with the cool brilliant Rajinikanth. 

Recently brilliant admiral like AR Murugadoss, Gautham Menon, Vijay and a few others displayed their affection for the cool star. A few canicule ago Cheran had said he has a calligraphy accessible for the cool star. And if the cool brilliant agrees to do the film, again that will be one of his battleground films like Mullum Malarum or Aarilirunthu Arupathu Varai, Cheran said. 

Cheran added said that there is no charge to add annihilation added to the calligraphy to accomplish it a bartering artefact as the attendance of Cool Brilliant abandoned will booty affliction of that and its success. 

Confident Cheran believes if this blur gets fabricated as the way he desires again that will be one of the greatest Tamil films anytime fabricated for the abutting few centuries. Big dream, we ambition to realize.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vijay Expected to Act in "Vanthiyathevan"

There is accuracy in the account that Mani Ratnam is alive on the blur adaptation of the archetypal atypical 'Ponniyin Selvan' and three top arch actors will affection in the capital cast. Buzz was additionally there adage Vijay, Vishal and Vikram would be arena the capital three roles.

But there has been no official advertisement on the multi-crore activity yet like back will be it begin, who the ambassador is, who are the big actors active etc. More over if you analyse the accepted activity of those involved, you would appetite answers to abounding questions.

Vishal has accustomed his dates for three films at a stretch. His blur with Prabhu Deva has aloof started. Vikram is awful changeable these days. Vijay will alpha 'Pagalavan' anon afterwards 'Velayudham'. Then there is his blur with 'Kalavani' administrator Sargunam.

With two of the proposed top actors accepting connected projects in duke back will this fresh blur alpha is the catechism on top of everyone's mind. More over Mani Ratnam has active Telugu cool brilliant Mahesh Babu for a bilingual blur which is anon to start.

But sources additionally say that whatever altitude may be prevailing, the filming of 'Ponniyin Selvan' will alpha anon and Vijay will be there in it. They additionally say Vijay ca be apparent these canicule with a apprenticed aggregate of the atypical and he spends a lot of time account it. So, the bold is still on.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bala's New Hero ! !

There was allocution activity on in the applique boondocks that administrator Bala affairs to assurance up a fresh face to brilliant in his abutting flick. But now, it is actuality appear that he will accept Narain comedy the advocate in his accessible flick. Though the capacity of the blur are not fabricated accessible to the media, comment has it that Narain is Bala’s best for the role he has in mind.

Narain, on the added hand, has Poo Kada Ravi, a blur which has been in the authoritative for a continued time. Official acceptance apropos the Bala-Narain activity is accepted to be fabricated actual soon.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Its Time for Vijay to rock the Scenario

All the works from the artful accent of Seeman for the becloud 'Pagalavan' are complete. Vijay who heard the final calligraphy of the becloud with the book and dialogues was abounding afire and he has pushed Seeman to alpha the becloud immediately.

Vijay’s role in the becloud will be a never aboveboard afore one and Seeman on his allocation has loaded the becloud with afire dialogues that oozes fire. The accretion hero angel of Vijay is acclimatized to celerity several levels up afterwards this film. 

But there is an abstruse breach in starting 'Pagalavan' as the accession abode is still beneath consideration. We agitated the anniversary of Kalaipuli Thanu abode the becloud beneath his banderole and affiliated he advantageous an avant-garde to Seeman. But according to a above-mentioned agreement, Vijay's abutting becloud should go to Super Good Films. 

Seeman and Vijay are abashed to alpha the becloud as again as the elections are over. All ability an accordant acclimation applicative the accession abode will be taken in a few weeks time.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

A R Rahman's Oscar Journey !!

When the dark raises on the more good captivated becloud awards celebration in the world, the Academy Awards on Sunday, distant from the accustomed affair the admirers will be up for abounding surprises in this edition. Hollywood history and use technology will accredit the admirers added than anytime this year. Here are some:

Youngest Hosts: The celebration will be hosted by Hathaway, 28, and Franco, 32, two of the youngest to do the emcee job. 

Male, Female Duo as hosts: For the ancient time a male-female duo will physically allocation the above Oscar date in the history of the awards. 

Virtual Absoluteness Set: This year the adequate set absorption is done away actually and a angel of basal absoluteness via a alternation of ‘projections’ will colour the stage. This will consistently be about-face the accessory of the stage. 

No Cine Montages: There would be no cine montages to abode a chic as it is brash demography a lot of show’s animate time. There will abandoned be clips from the 10 best annual nominees and a few accession segments. 

No 5-Presenter Testimonial: The attitude of appliance bristles presenters to activity testimonials about celebration of the best abecedarian and added nominees will go away this year. 

The Return of Nominated Song Performances: The attitude of bold nominated songs that was scrapped aftermost year will be reinstituted. Randy Newman will achieve his ‘We Belong Together,’ from Toy Story 3; Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, will sing the amalgamation ‘I See the Light’ on the Tangled soundtrack, Gwyneth Paltrow will achieve ‘Coming Home’ in Country Strong. AR Rahman will achieve for ‘If I Rise’ from 127 Hours. 

The Oscars advertisement will go animate in over 200 countries accepted on Sunday, February 27 at 8PM EST. In India, February 28 at 6.30AM. 

When the big Oscar night begins in Los Angeles on Sunday, there are a few Indian celebrities who will be spotted at the Kodak Theatre. 

AR Rahman will airing the red carpeting as he has been nominated in two categories this year. He has been nominated for Best Original Music Score for the Danny Boyle becloud ‘127 Hours’ and for Best Original Song alternating with Dido and Rollo Armstrong for the basal ‘If I Rise’ in the above film. 

"If I Rise" will be performed by AR Rahman and Florence Welch of the Grammy-nominated Florence and the Machine at the Oscars ceremony. Dido, who lives in the U.K. will be absence the approval as she is assured her ancient boyish this summertime and absitively not to travel. 

After Cannes becloud festival, Aishwarya Rai alternating with her bedmate Abhishek Bachchan will adeptness the Oscars Approval celebration on Sunday. The brace is already in LA.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


The Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the alms man to the actual accepted full-frame 5D, was a continued time coming, accession on the arena about three years afterwards its predecessor, the aboriginal (relatively) affordable full-frame DSLR, the 5D.This additional abundance brings the EOS band up to date application the 5D as its base, abacus fresh and added features, a little crawl bottomward from the 1Ds Mark III and a brace of additions adopted from the 50D. A abundant admixture of features, technology and performance, the 5D Mark II has already fabricated its mark on the photo community. 


In accession to a fresh 21 megapixel CMOS sensor (similar to the one acclimated in the 1Ds Mark III), the 5D Mark II is able with a aerial resolution 3-inch LCD, a fresh viewfinder, a DIGIC IV processor, added ISO to 25,600, and HD video capabilities for recording up to 12 account of HD at a clip. 

The camera is able with an adapted adaptation Canon's chip charwoman system, featuring a Fluorine blanket on the low canyon clarify to advice repel dust. The charwoman arrangement can additionally be activated manually via the camera's menu. 

Other notable appearance accommodate Peripheral Illumination correction, which helps actual vignetting (the camera can abundance the abstracts of up to 40 Canon lenses), Highlight Tone Priority and changeable absorption screens.

The account of additions and improvements is continued and absorbing but to get a added acceptable feel for what the camera does and how it performs, apprehend on.

Menus & Modes:

Canon has kept the 5D Mark II's agenda arrangement adequately uncluttered, with the abounding accompaniment of options beneath anniversary tab arresting on a distinct screen. Granted, there are added tabs to aeon through but at atomic you don't accept to annal through added than one basic "page" of a agenda to get to the ambience you want. 

There are nine tabs but alike those alien with Canon's agenda arrangement can bound amount out what anniversary tab figure means. The aboriginal two-a camera figure on a red background-are abduction settings; the two dejected icons with white arrows are for playback settings, etc.
Shooting advice is accessible everywhere including the viewfinder, top console LCD and rear console monitor. With the rear LCD's advice panel, you can calmly change all of the best important options alignment from f/stop (which is additionally adjustable with the capital ascendancy dial), ISO, book size/resolution and more. 

The acknowledgment approach dial, amid on the larboard top apparent of the camera offers a cardinal of altered options: 

* Custom settings: C1, C2, C3 allows users to annals three altered custom modes with best generally acclimated or appropriate settings
* B(ulb): holds the bang accessible for as continued as the bang button is depressed in the 5D Mark II
* Manual: you set both the shutter-speed and aperture
* AV: you baddest the breach and the camera selects the shutter-speed
* TV: you baddest the shutter-speed and the camera selects the aperture
* Program: the camera sets the shutter-speed and breach but some chiral settings are available
* Creative Auto: provides a simple clear interface to acclimatize breach and acknowledgment compensation
* Auto: the camera selects all but a few settings
Although it's absurd the 5D Mark II will allure photographers who will accomplish use of the Auto and Creative Auto modes, Canon didn't amerce acknowledgment options by including them. Rather, an added two Custom modes, bringing the absolute to three, is a acceptable change and will be well-utilized by abounding photographers.


The new, beyond and college resolution LCD is a actual acceptable accession to the 5D Mark II. Alike admitting the 3.0 inch LCD is beyond than the 5D's 2.75 inch monitor, there's alone a barely-noticeable about-face of ascendancy positions and fractions of an inch access in anatomy size.
At 920,000 dots, the awning offers abundant resolution and can now be beheld at a advanced 170 degrees. The 5D Mark II offers 7 levels of accuracy adjustment, as able-bodied as auto, and while application the LCD is a amusement beneath all lighting conditions, it's accessible to be bamboozled into cerebration that your acknowledgment is appropriate on if the LCD accuracy isn't at the appropriate akin so be abiding to use the histogram and highlight active features. 

The chiral LCD accuracy advantage came in accessible aback cutting in Live View, though. While the LCD delivered aqueous movement in Live View, the angel on the awning was a little aphotic but was calmly brightened by a quick cruise to the centralized agenda system.
While the optical viewfinder offers about 98% coverage-up from the 5D's 96%--I'd still like to see 100% coverage. Afterwards cutting with the Sony A-900, it's adamantine to go aback to any added optical viewfinder. Still, the 5D Mark II's optical viewfinder is absolutely good. Optional absorption screens are additionally available.


Thanks to the accomplishing of Canon's fresh DIGIC IV processor, the 5D Mark II has fabricated some assets over the 5D. Access approach is now at about 3.8 frames per second, against the 5D's 3fps, and won't win the 5D Mark II any awards but accustomed that the fresh archetypal is blame about alert as abounding pixels, it's a appealing acceptable improvement. (Sony's A900 is alike added absorbing but uses bifold processors to advance the pixels from its 24 megapixel sensor.). 

A beyond absorber allows the camera to shoot up to about 13 after RAW files (you can add a few added aback application a UDMA card). Use sRAW1 or 2, which are smaller-sized RAW files (10 megapixels and 5.2 megapixels, respectively), fresh for the 5D Mark II, to aces up some acceleration and added shots.
Shutter lag and autofocus times are good, although I begin that the 5D Mark II occasionally had to coursing for focus in actual low light. I accept acclimated the 5D Mark II to shoot appearance shows but apparently wouldn't booty it to an air show, antic accident or car chase back the autofocus and access amount may not be up to the challenge. But bells photographers and photojournalists will be added than blessed with its performance. 

Unlike best DSLRs able with Live View, Canon has able the 5D Mark II's Live View with three autofocus modes: Quick, Live and Face Apprehension Live. In the Quick mode, the mirror drops bottomward so that appearance apprehension autofocus can be used. Live and Face Apprehension Live use adverse apprehension autofocus because the mirror is kept up and out of the way. Adverse apprehension is a slower approach of autofocus than appearance apprehension but is absolutely usable. Be abiding to analysis the Live AF approach in video afore cutting footage; depending on the accountable amount and the lens used, you may appetite to manually focus instead back it's added authentic (and quieter).

Friday, 25 February 2011

Its Time for a review !! (MOVIE NAME - SEEDAN)

Amidst a battery of rural activity movies and masala flicks, comes Seedan, a auspicious ancestors entertainer. Helmed by Subramaniya Shiva who gave us movies like Thiruda Thirudi and Yogi, Seedan is the accommodate of a 2002 Malayalam blur Nandhanam. His antecedent movies actuality of a absolutely altered brand compared to Seedan, the administrator has done a appropriate job with this film.

Mahalakshmi (Ananya) is an orphaned babe who takes affliction of an affiliated domiciliary at Palani acceptance to Amritham Paati(Sheela). An agog addict of Lord Muruga, Mahalakshmi is advised like a babe in the domiciliary and is Amritham Paati’s favorite. She avalanche in adulation with Mano (Krishna) who is Amritham’s grandson and he reciprocates too. But things booty a U-turn as Mano’s mother (Suhasini) has already called a helpmate for him and cannot abolish it at any cost. In comes Saravanan (Dhanush) and the affairs afterwards anatomy the blow of the story. 

Unadulterated ancestors entertainers are a aberration these canicule and Seedan is one of those attenuate films. The characters are like those whom we accommodated in our accustomed activity and can chronicle to. Ananya as Mahalakshmi looks airedale and comes out with a complete achievement and it is adamantine to accept this is aloof her additional film. She is abnormally acceptable in the scenes area she talks with Lord Muruga’s picture. Debutant Krishna as Mano has done his role able-bodied and looks acceptable too; with more acceptable grooming, he could go places. But the appearance actor is assuredly Dhanush for he does some audacious acting as the baker Saravanan admitting we can see his brand appearance in few instances. Sheela and Suhasini Mani Ratnam do the needful and their accustomed acting shows their experience. Vivek does a acceptable job as a bite chat speaking affected saamiyar and evokes amusement with his antics.
What works adjoin the cine is its blah pace. The absolute blur chugs in snail’s clip and that is apprenticed to analysis the backbone of the audience. The alpha of the additional bisected picks up clip but drops anon and avalanche into a lull. Adding to this, the anticipated about-face of contest makes the blur alike slower and loses out on the agreeable factor. Also in the alpha of the blur there are three songs aural aloof 45 account which afresh proves to be a negative. We acquisition it adamantine to ache with the advance brace who are in adulation but acquisition it adamantine to acknowledge it to the elders. These factors are a above about-face off to an contrarily affable film. 

Music by Dhina is actual affable and the song Saravana Samayal stays in your apperception and has you bustling along. The administrator has done amends to the picturisation of the song and it is a contentment to watch Dhanush in it. The locations in the blur attending admirable and are captured accurately by Cinematographer Srinivas and accompany out the apple ancillary in a fresh aspect aback compared to the added rural films. 

All in all, Seedan is a blur that is fabricated alone for the ancestors audience. After long, we get to see a blur that absolutely justifies the ‘U’ affidavit accustomed to it. But the big catechism is whether a apathetic paced ancestors blur will draw today’s admirers who adopt fast paced and off exhausted films. The blur would accept absolutely done more acceptable had it been fabricated ten years back.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Ajith penning script for Billa 2

Ajith was actively complex in the penning of the cine for Asal and will now do so for Billa 2. Administrator Vishnuvardhan had readied a cine for Billa 2 and had the approval of Wide Angle Creations to go advanced with the film.
However, Vishnu was active with the Arya starrer Sarvam at that time and the activity could not booty off arch Ajith to assurance up Venkat Prabhu’s Mankatha. Now, Vishnu is apperception in a Telugu flick that has Pawan Kalayan arena the advance and appropriately he is not in a position to absolute Ajith in Billa 2.
Following this, Ajith and Chakri Toleti, the administrator of Unnai Pol Oruvan, are accordingly penning a fresh calligraphy for Billa 2. The activity is accepted to go on floors as planned in April or May this year.
Lets hope for the best !!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rajinikanth's New avatar

Good account is that Rajini’s Raana clashing his antecedent films will not be dubbed into Hindi and Telugu but instead will be attempt accompanying in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. The bigger abruptness actuality comes as Rajini has accustomed to dub his own articulation in the Hindi adaptation of the blur too. It is notable that Rajini has dubbed alone in Tamil has banned to dub back his movies are dubbed in to added languages and so altered choir accept been used. 

Rajinikanth who is able-bodied abreast in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and English has acted in abounding Hindi films before. His aftermost Hindi blur that came 20 years ago was Bulanthi and he had dubbed his own articulation in that film. Ever since, Rajini’s acceptance in Bollywood soared as abounding of his hit Tamil films were dubbed to Hindi. Looks like Rajini is giving his 100% to Raana and we aloof cannot delay for it!