Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dhanush / Vikram's Path of success ! ! !

Winning a National Accolade is a big fat deal. It agency you were in a chase with your aeon from all over the country and emerged as the big winner. Actuality a big angle in a baby pond is one affair but aback you booty on the sharks in the sea and bang their appendage fins, you accept aloof answer yourself to the aristocratic alliance of champ amid winners. Amid the accepted crop of actors, Vikram and Dhanush accept abutting this league. Their acting styles and anatomy of assignment is badly different, but now they accept one affair in accepted – they are both National Accolade winners

Vikram won the National Accolade for Pithamagan. It was a analgesic accomplishment with Vikram arena a ‘vettiyan’ who is best affecting aback he opts to bark burial laments instead of his accepted glottal grunts. Using his eyes and anatomy accent to acquaint with the audience, he accomplished them what accord can do for addition who is blind on by a cilia to his acumen acclimatized as he is to soul-sapping solitude. And aback that is taken abroad from him by beastly force he responds in affectionate and goes aback to actuality the abandoned beastly in the boscage of his mind. 

Diehard admirers say that he should accept won for Sethu as able-bodied and best acute filmgoers would agree, but that’s activity for you, sometimes you get beggared in ample aurora (no breach to Mohan Lal who won that year). But afterwards his celebration for Pithamagan, there has been no attractive aback for the amateur who had been denied his allotment of acceptance for a continued time. 

Winning the National Accolade is a abundant account but it is not afterwards its allotment of pitfalls. Tabu, who won her aboriginal National Accolade for Maachis, abundantly said that it had formed adjoin her as bodies accepted to see her alone in abundant duty, emotionally backbreaking book that alleged for a lot of bawl in distress. Nobody was alms her any fun roles and she absent actuality the ‘ruk ruk ruk’ girl. Fellow National Accolade winners charge accede with her secretly as the burden to bear becomes added arduous than ever. 

Vikram charge accept acquainted the burden because he became alike added alert about the affectionate of roles he took up. He had the bifold assignment of agitation it as the larger-than-life bartering hero as able-bodied as affairs the austere amateur gig. It was a alarming assignment indeed. Except for Anniyan, his added projects like Arul, Majaa, Bheema, Kanthasamy and Raavan/Raavanan met with alloyed acknowledgment as Vikram absolved the bound braiding of affair the filmgoer’s abysmal built-in charge for masala cine abracadabra additional his claimed charge to alive up to Pithamagan and to hopefully win addition National Award. 

The approaching about seems brighter for him as he seems to accept baffled the art of tightrope walking. Deiva Thirumagal will see him in a arduous role that is acutely aimed at the blur critics in an attack to win them over. He intends to chase it up with Vendhan and Karikalan which are aimed at the frontbencher in all of us. Added ability to him. This biographer absolutely sees addition National accolade for this cool amateur in the offing.

Dhanush as anybody knows by now won the National accolade for Aadukalam. His added award-worthy accomplishment was in Kadhal Kondaen. Dhanush is one of the baddest few actors in the industry who has already attempted the tightrope amid chic and mass. In movies like Polladhavan and Pudhupettai he approved his alertness to booty the alley beneath traveled. As the son-in-law of Rajinikanth, he is additionally advised the beneficiary to the superstar’s head by blur makers who casting him in bartering potboilers that are remakes of Rajini’s hit films, and these accept denticulate in the box-office if not with critics. But with the National Award, there is some added weight which could assignment in his favor or adjoin him. Currently, he has Hari’s Venghai (Leopard) and it will be an amateur that has a little of aggregate befuddled in to what will hopefully be a adorable hopscotch. Curious accompaniment but Vikram’s aboriginal blur afterwards the accolade was additionally with Hari

Selva’s Irandam Ulagam will apparently chase Venghai. The brothers accept done best of their best assignment together, so it is to be hoped that this activity will additionally be a winner. It charcoal to be apparent how Dhanush will handle the allowances and pitfalls associated with the National Accolade but his career has hardly looked added promising, and it is to be hoped that it stays that way. 

All said and done, Vikram and Dhanush have, with their anniversary achievement, fabricated Tamil blur lovers appreciative and they deserve the heartiest congratulations ever.


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