Friday, 25 February 2011

Its Time for a review !! (MOVIE NAME - SEEDAN)

Amidst a battery of rural activity movies and masala flicks, comes Seedan, a auspicious ancestors entertainer. Helmed by Subramaniya Shiva who gave us movies like Thiruda Thirudi and Yogi, Seedan is the accommodate of a 2002 Malayalam blur Nandhanam. His antecedent movies actuality of a absolutely altered brand compared to Seedan, the administrator has done a appropriate job with this film.

Mahalakshmi (Ananya) is an orphaned babe who takes affliction of an affiliated domiciliary at Palani acceptance to Amritham Paati(Sheela). An agog addict of Lord Muruga, Mahalakshmi is advised like a babe in the domiciliary and is Amritham Paati’s favorite. She avalanche in adulation with Mano (Krishna) who is Amritham’s grandson and he reciprocates too. But things booty a U-turn as Mano’s mother (Suhasini) has already called a helpmate for him and cannot abolish it at any cost. In comes Saravanan (Dhanush) and the affairs afterwards anatomy the blow of the story. 

Unadulterated ancestors entertainers are a aberration these canicule and Seedan is one of those attenuate films. The characters are like those whom we accommodated in our accustomed activity and can chronicle to. Ananya as Mahalakshmi looks airedale and comes out with a complete achievement and it is adamantine to accept this is aloof her additional film. She is abnormally acceptable in the scenes area she talks with Lord Muruga’s picture. Debutant Krishna as Mano has done his role able-bodied and looks acceptable too; with more acceptable grooming, he could go places. But the appearance actor is assuredly Dhanush for he does some audacious acting as the baker Saravanan admitting we can see his brand appearance in few instances. Sheela and Suhasini Mani Ratnam do the needful and their accustomed acting shows their experience. Vivek does a acceptable job as a bite chat speaking affected saamiyar and evokes amusement with his antics.
What works adjoin the cine is its blah pace. The absolute blur chugs in snail’s clip and that is apprenticed to analysis the backbone of the audience. The alpha of the additional bisected picks up clip but drops anon and avalanche into a lull. Adding to this, the anticipated about-face of contest makes the blur alike slower and loses out on the agreeable factor. Also in the alpha of the blur there are three songs aural aloof 45 account which afresh proves to be a negative. We acquisition it adamantine to ache with the advance brace who are in adulation but acquisition it adamantine to acknowledge it to the elders. These factors are a above about-face off to an contrarily affable film. 

Music by Dhina is actual affable and the song Saravana Samayal stays in your apperception and has you bustling along. The administrator has done amends to the picturisation of the song and it is a contentment to watch Dhanush in it. The locations in the blur attending admirable and are captured accurately by Cinematographer Srinivas and accompany out the apple ancillary in a fresh aspect aback compared to the added rural films. 

All in all, Seedan is a blur that is fabricated alone for the ancestors audience. After long, we get to see a blur that absolutely justifies the ‘U’ affidavit accustomed to it. But the big catechism is whether a apathetic paced ancestors blur will draw today’s admirers who adopt fast paced and off exhausted films. The blur would accept absolutely done more acceptable had it been fabricated ten years back.

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