Sunday, 27 February 2011

A R Rahman's Oscar Journey !!

When the dark raises on the more good captivated becloud awards celebration in the world, the Academy Awards on Sunday, distant from the accustomed affair the admirers will be up for abounding surprises in this edition. Hollywood history and use technology will accredit the admirers added than anytime this year. Here are some:

Youngest Hosts: The celebration will be hosted by Hathaway, 28, and Franco, 32, two of the youngest to do the emcee job. 

Male, Female Duo as hosts: For the ancient time a male-female duo will physically allocation the above Oscar date in the history of the awards. 

Virtual Absoluteness Set: This year the adequate set absorption is done away actually and a angel of basal absoluteness via a alternation of ‘projections’ will colour the stage. This will consistently be about-face the accessory of the stage. 

No Cine Montages: There would be no cine montages to abode a chic as it is brash demography a lot of show’s animate time. There will abandoned be clips from the 10 best annual nominees and a few accession segments. 

No 5-Presenter Testimonial: The attitude of appliance bristles presenters to activity testimonials about celebration of the best abecedarian and added nominees will go away this year. 

The Return of Nominated Song Performances: The attitude of bold nominated songs that was scrapped aftermost year will be reinstituted. Randy Newman will achieve his ‘We Belong Together,’ from Toy Story 3; Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, will sing the amalgamation ‘I See the Light’ on the Tangled soundtrack, Gwyneth Paltrow will achieve ‘Coming Home’ in Country Strong. AR Rahman will achieve for ‘If I Rise’ from 127 Hours. 

The Oscars advertisement will go animate in over 200 countries accepted on Sunday, February 27 at 8PM EST. In India, February 28 at 6.30AM. 

When the big Oscar night begins in Los Angeles on Sunday, there are a few Indian celebrities who will be spotted at the Kodak Theatre. 

AR Rahman will airing the red carpeting as he has been nominated in two categories this year. He has been nominated for Best Original Music Score for the Danny Boyle becloud ‘127 Hours’ and for Best Original Song alternating with Dido and Rollo Armstrong for the basal ‘If I Rise’ in the above film. 

"If I Rise" will be performed by AR Rahman and Florence Welch of the Grammy-nominated Florence and the Machine at the Oscars ceremony. Dido, who lives in the U.K. will be absence the approval as she is assured her ancient boyish this summertime and absitively not to travel. 

After Cannes becloud festival, Aishwarya Rai alternating with her bedmate Abhishek Bachchan will adeptness the Oscars Approval celebration on Sunday. The brace is already in LA.

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