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Common Myths In Astronomy

1. Adverse to accepted believe, Venusian is not the appellation to alarm Venus and Venus accompanying things. The actual appellation is Cytherean, which comes from Cytheria – the baby island area Aphrodite emerged from a shell. Furthermore, Venusian is additionally not actual in that it doesn’t chase the arrangement acclimated for added planets – if you aren’t apropos to Venus as the Cytherian planet you should alarm it the Venerean planet. 

2. A actual accepted allegory (which has alike been again as actuality by associates of the Green affair in the New Zealand parliament) states that crimes and accidents access in cardinal during a abounding moon. While it is about absurd to deflate such a myth, there are no statistics apropos to the accident of crimes which supports this absurd theory. 

3. Copernicus was not the aboriginal being to accompaniment that the Earth revolves about the sun. That approach was aboriginal accomplished by conflicting age-old thinkers. While we don’t apperceive their names, we do apperceive for assertive that, from as aboriginal as the seventh aeon BC, it was appropriate in Sanskrit documents. 

4. NASA did not absorb millions of dollars aggravating to advance a pen to address in amplitude back they could aloof accept acclimated pencils. Aboriginal off, they did use pencils (like the cosmonauts) rather than aggravating to advance a pen, but back a acute man developed (at his own expense) a pressurized pen that not alone would assignment in amplitude but beneath the ocean as well, NASA purchased 400 of the pens at the amount of $6 per pen (they are now about $50 per pen and you can shop for them online here). The Soviets additionally bought his pens. To this day, both nations still use the Fisher Amplitude Pen (named afterwards its artist Paul Fisher). 

5. I am a little afraid to add this one as it has been mentioned on Listverse before, but for the account of achievement actuality it is: The Great bank of China is not arresting from amplitude with the naked eye alike in a low Earth orbit. However, abounding added manmade altar are such as bridges and dams. 

6. This is a allegory I hadn’t heard of but allegedly it is absolutely widespread. The allegory is that if you angle in the basal of a abysmal able-bodied in ample daylight, you can see the stars. This is absolutely an age-old allegory – it was mentioned by Aristotle. But in reality, it is not true. Logically thinking, the added bottomward a able-bodied you are, the abate the top of the able-bodied appears – and appropriately the black of the walls combines with that to accomplish the aperture arise dazzlingly ablaze – not aphotic as it would charge to be to see the stars. 

7. This one will abruptness best of you, I suspect. Best rocket launches in the US do not go from Cape Canaveral. Best of them are launched from Merritt Island in Brevard County, Florida, area NASA’s JFK Amplitude Center is found. All shuttle launches accept occurred, or do occur, at Merritt Island while alone a baby cardinal of rockets were launched from the now decommissioned Barrage Complex, which is in Cape Canaveral. The aftermost manned spaceflight from Cape Canaveral was over thirty years ago. 

8. The shuttle did not backfire in the accepted analogue of that word. There was no shock wave, no detonation, no “bang” — admirers on the arena aloof heard the barrage of the engines stop as the shuttle’s ammunition catchbasin tore apart, spilling aqueous oxygen and hydrogen, which formed a huge aggressive at an distance of 46,000 ft. (Some television documentaries after added the complete of an access to these images.) But both solid-fuel strap-on boosters climbed up out of the cloud, still battlefront and complete by any explosion. Challenger itself was broken afar as it was flung chargeless of the added rocket apparatus and angry battery into the Mach 2 airstream. Individual propellant tanks were apparent exploding — but by then, the aircraft was already in pieces. 

9. We accept all apparent the face on Mars but, admitting abundant affirmation to the contrary, abounding bodies still accept it is an conflicting creation. In the best contempo flyby of Mars, NASA was able to get a abundant clearer account (which you can see above). Those who still accept that it is a non-naturally fabricated acropolis are adversity from pareidolia. 

10. Mercury is the abutting planet to the sun but, admitting this, it is not the hottest. The planet with the accomplished beggarly apparent temperature is absolutely Venus – a aftereffect of its mostly carbon-dioxide atmosphere.

11. We accept all heard of the aphotic ancillary of the moon which generally makes us assume that the moon is stationary, but in fact, the moon rotates aloof as Earth does – already for anniversary apogee (to the observer). And, incidentally, the aphotic ancillary of the moon is absolutely aloof the night ancillary – it is no added a anchored affection of the moon than the night ancillary of the Earth. 

12. Galileo didn’t ad-lib the telescope. The ancient accepted animate telescopes appeared in 1608, and are accustomed to Hans Lippershey. Among abounding others who claimed to accept fabricated the analysis were Zacharias Janssen, spectacle-makers in Middelburg, and Jacob Metius of Alkmaar. The architecture of these aboriginal refracting telescopes consisted of a arched cold lens and a biconcave eyepiece. Galileo acclimated this architecture the afterward year.

13. Adverse to accepted belief, Jupiter is not a big brawl of gas with a baby solid core. Actuality is why: The Jovian, Jupiter-like planets, which additionally accommodate Saturn, Uranus and Neptune accept all-encompassing aerial atmospheres which eventually become aeroembolism into aqueous oceans of primarily hydrogen and helium. As pressures increase, hydrogen is alike affected into a brownish accompaniment which is the base for creating the able alluring fields which beleaguer all four Jovian worlds. It would be abundant more good to alarm these planets as aqueous worlds with all-encompassing aerial atmospheres. 

14. The Alpha Centauri arrangement is the abutting brilliant arrangement to our own, but neither Alpha Centauri A or B (it is a bifold brilliant system) is the abutting brilliant – that account goes to Proxima Centauri, which is about 0.2 ablaze years abroad from the added two stars.

15. From the video footage it may accept looked like an access in the acceptable sense, but there was little in the way of agitation (fire). What occurred was a abortion of an O-ring on one of the two solid ammunition booster rockets. Back barrage occurred, artifice gases from the adulterated O-ring acrimonious the huge aqueous ammunition catchbasin on which the shuttle rides during its ascent. At 72 abnormal afterwards liftoff, the lower strut bond the appropriate booster to the conflicting catchbasin bankrupt apart. The booster pivoted about its high attachment, causing its adenoids cone to accident into the aqueous oxygen tank. Already the aqueous ammunition catchbasin was ruptured, accelerated amplification of the aqueous hydrogen and oxygen ripped afar the shuttle, sending the seven aggregation associates to their deaths. The aggregation was apparently alive, but unconscious, back the around complete aggregation berth impacted into the Atlantic Ocean several account afterwards the catastrophe.

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