Sunday, 6 March 2011

Its Time to Review "Singam Puli"

Doing bifold role is consistently a contentment for actors. From the canicule of MGR to Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan till the abreast heroes, the chic to comedy two characters in one blur is immense.Joining the account is Jeeva with ‘Singam Puli’. As the appellation suggests, it is the account of a barbaric action amid brothers (both played by Jeeva). Obviously it has to be amid the acceptable and the bad. 

Debutant administrator Sai Ramani seems to accept been aggressive heavily by the brand of ‘Vaali’ and ‘Azhagiya Thamizh Magan’ and abstemious it up with few moments from ‘Manmadha Leelai’ to cede a bartering cocktail in ‘Singam Puli’.Jeeva who has a affection to try his easily at altered capacity in Tamil cinema has aggregate audacity to do a bifold role. He has taken the assignment on his amateur and gives a accomplished performance. 

The amateur manages to accompany out the attenuate differences amid the two roles with able ease. Especially as the brawny adolescent brother Ashok, Jeeva impresses. Then there is Divya Spandhana, Santhanam and Ponvannan amid others to accord him company.Siva (Jeeva) sells angle in a market, while his adolescent brother Ashok (Jeeva) is an advocate. The ancient brother is honest and aboveboard while the adolescent one is a besmirched brat, comfortable by their parents Vedachalam (Ponvannan) and Muthulakshmi (Kuyili).The parents accept Ashok is aboveboard and acquiescent and consistently chides Siva. As it happens, Ashok in the aggregation of accompany including Bujji Babu (Santhanam) spends his time dabbling abaft girls.He is a Romeo in the faculty he manages to cull to the bed all women he comes across. Then there is Swetha (Divay Spandhana) who is in adulation with Siva. As it happens Ashok in the affectation of adulation boodle the activity of one Gayathri (Soundarya). She eventually dies. 

Coming to apperceive that his brother is abaft the crime, Siva goes to cloister but could not prove that he is guilty. Now a bold begins amid the two. Who emerges boastful forms the climax.Jeeva has done his allotment well. He is there giving his best in every frame. He is honest and aboveboard as Siva while brings the appropriate aberration as Ashok. 

Divya Spandhana appears briefly and has a song with Jiiva. Soundarya tries to fit in the role with abundant difficulty. Santhanam is absorbing in parts. But his bifold acceptation dialogues could accept been avoided.Mani Sharma disappoints with his muical score. They are loud and forgettable. Balasubrmanaiam's camera is soft. The above lacunae in the cine is its length. The additional bisected is too blah and needs an burning trimming.Then there are abounding scenes appear the acme that are too predictable. Also songs put a anchor on the movie's progress. Produced by S Parthi and S S Vasan, ‘Singam Puli’ gives one a deja vu feel.

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