Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sharukh & Di Caprio together in Paul Schrader's Film

The cine buffs had been aflame to apperceive the advancing calm of two awning icons – Shah Rukh Khan and Leonardo Di Caprio – in Paul Schrader’s Indo-Hollywood adventure ‘Xtrme City’. Now here’s what our birdies got on duke of late…. 

It is said that in the blur SRK will be arena a Don while Leonardo will affection in a cop’s role. According to the film’s scriptwriter Mushtaq Shiekh, ‘Xtrme City’ is a cross-cultural abstruseness advised for both Bollywood and Hollywood. He feels that if things abatement in places again the blur will be an attack at a accurate all-around entertainment. 

Talking about the film’s news to sources, Mushtaq appear that it’s about an Indian (Shah Rukh) and an American (Leo) from radically altered worlds, who both served in the UN peacekeeping force in Somalia during the 90's. The American saves the Indian's life; in the after-effects they become accountable to anniversary added again go their own abstracted ways. The American becomes a cop in New York, the Indian a ‘bhai’ (similar to 'don' in Hindi) in Mumbai. 

Many years after the American has a crushing ancestors obligation, which compels him to acknowledgment to India to seek advice from the Indian, but becomes added and added fatigued into an conflicting world.Adding that the news has a actual affecting aspect Mushtaq said, "This is a pre-dominantly desi abstraction that to my ability has never been played out afore on the screen, in accurate affecting terms, amid an Indian and a foreigner, absolutely never been attempted on a top bank all-embracing figure brilliant level."

'Xtrme City' will be produced beneath SRK’s banderole Red Chillies and allegorical filmmaker-actor Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions. The film’s cutting is accepted to alpha its shoot abutting year.

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